Serving Distinguished Families

Over the past four decades, Brownlie & Braden Advisors has played an integral part in the financial lives of individuals and families that have accumulated significant assets.

Throughout our firm’s rich history, our areas of focus have evolved and expanded to provide a variety of services, from comprehensive financial advisory and investment service needs to many non-financial practice areas.

During our history, our firm has seen assets under advisement rise to $2.9 billion in support of multigenerational families.

Family Office Services

At Brownlie & Braden Advisors, we focus on family wealth services and thus offer a wide range of financial resources in addition to overseeing family investment holdings. As part of our overall commitment to our clients’ long-term success and peace of mind, we utilize our extensive internal resources and leverage our professional networks and specialized third-party relationships to deliver custom and comprehensive financial strategies.

Clients may request that we analyze and prepare financial reporting for their families to assist with the achievement of goals in the areas of investment management, business succession, estate planning, and family risk management. All while helping future generations properly cope with and manage issues related to their family’s wealth.

Our family office service group addresses all aspects of a family’s daily operational needs, which frees them to spend their time as productively as possible.

Investment Advisory Services

Since our inception, we have provided families with customized investment strategies. Our methodology in the current valuation environment requires a disciplined yet opportunistic approach as well as requiring us to lean into asymmetric opportunities that present compelling risk and reward scenarios.

Our team has decades of experience and extensive relationships globally across all asset classes that allow us to access unique opportunities with selective public and private fund managers. We perform rigorous due diligence to select managers while providing comprehensive performance monitoring and data to drive future wealth compounding strategies.

Brownlie & Braden Advisors has structured diversified investments for clients in third-party private equity funds, private growth funds, private credit funds, private real estate, co-investment opportunities, and other alternative investment vehicles subject to thorough diligence. We have an emphasis on risk adjusted, tax efficient long-term compounding while adhering to an investment philosophy centered on capital preservation.

These opportunities are a product of a large network of long-term relationships with experienced and high integrity sponsors that are often hard to access and that have deep experience across different asset classes and risk profiles.

Multigenerational Estate Planning

Our goal is to take complex financial situations and implement creative and understandable planning strategies that not only support the current goals of one generation, but carry through to surviving family members.

At Brownlie & Braden Advisors, we provide strategic direction to our clients developing a wide variety of estate and tax planning vehicles to help them achieve their objectives for their family, as well as philanthropic and charitable giving goals.

Our philosophy and approach allow us to fully understand and appreciate a family’s goals and objectives, helping them make more informed decisions that effectively preserve their family’s wealth in line with their wishes.

Interim Company Management

In addition to leveraging unique private equity investment opportunities for our clients, our experienced team can provide interim company management as well as board representation for those looking to address specific business continuity and succession issues.

Our services are designed to support clients in the long-term preservation of assets and capital deployed in their business holdings, including those where they have a control position.

Brownlie & Braden Advisors also evaluates the merits of investing in angel, venture, and commercial enterprises to help clients identify opportunities that best support their overall investment objectives.

What can a partnership with Brownlie & Braden Advisors do for you?