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About us

A unique firm providing family office services, serving distinguished families

25+ years
serving families

21+ team members

Brownlie & Braden Advisors is a full-service wealth management firm providing family office and investment advisory services, designed to serve those with multigenerational wealth advisory needs.

We are an advocate that sits on your side of the table, helping you navigate the challenges and opportunities that come with significant wealth.


For the families we serve, life is a business

The many dimensions of personal wealth constitute a ‘business’ that needs to be managed like any other.

As a full-service firm providing family office services, our team also is a resource to our clients’ other advisors. Our mission is to help our clients manage and enhance these resources — not replace them.

Family Office Services

We focus on family wealth services and thus offer a wide range of financial resources in addition to overseeing family investment holdings. As part of our overall commitment to our clients’ long-term success and peace of mind, we utilize our extensive internal resources and leverage our professional networks and specialized third-party relationships to deliver custom and comprehensive financial strategies.

Investment Advisory Services

We believe in providing families with customized investment strategies. Our team has decades of experience and extensive relationships that allow us to access unique opportunities with selective public and private fund managers. As a rule, we have always emphasized tax efficient long-term compounding while adhering to an investment philosophy centered on capital preservation.

Multigenerational Estate Planning

We provide strategic direction to our clients in developing a wide variety of estate and tax planning vehicles to help them achieve their objectives for their family, as well as philanthropic and charitable giving goals.

Interim Company Management

We can provide interim company management or board representation for those looking to address specific business continuity and succession issues.

What can a partnership with Brownlie & Braden Advisors do for you?