Brownlie & Braden Advisors adds depth to investment management

Financial analyst team continues to expand

Brownlie & Braden Advisors have been expanding its ranks to bolster the firm’s in-house expertise to support the complex investment strategies of its wealthy clients.

In 2021, the firm has grown to 30 professionals. The financial analyst team, which has increased to 10, has fueled most of the firm’s growth.

With the additional analyst depth to support the investment team, Brownlie & Braden is well-positioned with experts from different financial backgrounds to meet the growing financial planning and investment needs of wealthy individuals and families across Texas and nationwide.

Benefits of team growth

For Brownlie & Braden, team growth means being able to provide an array of financial and non-financial solutions that make sense for its clients to deliver consistent results and achieve long-term wealth management goals.

As the firm continues to expand across its offices in Texas, there are more opportunities for cross-training on the team. For example, most of our new hires have public accounting backgrounds, allowing them to teach others to strengthen their mastery in financial services.

This growth also helps the firm increase its layers of visibility among current and prospective clients and partners.

Meet the new financial analysts:

Brownlie & Braden is proud to highlight and welcome the next generation of financial analysts. With a mix of hires and promotions, this group of financial experts is ready to showcase its knowledge and expertise for clients in need of financial advisory services.

Come join our growing Texas team at Brownlie & Braden today and be part of a group of financial experts with a mission!



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